着付師 丹羽裕子(にわゆうこ)








2014年 美装会よりサンディエゴ着物クラブに転入して、着物着付教室、着物のファッションショーや着付けデモンストレーションを開催、毎月、着物を着て皆さんと外食をするのを楽しんでます。



Kimono Dresser Yuko Niwa


I was inspired by my mother who always liked Kimono dresses and let me try them on. During high school I became very interested in Kimono and started learning Kimono dressing. I received a license from Japan Waso Consultant Association to practice as a Kimono Dresser and Kimono dressing instructor.


After I moved to San Diego in 1994, I joined San Diego Bisou-kai organized by Michiko Delaney. By becoming part of this group, I was able to improve my Kimono dressing techniques and get hands on experiences in hosting Kimono fashion shows and Kimono dressing events.


Since 2011, I am an active member of San Diego Japanese Emergency Network. I organize Kimono fashion shows and Kimono photo shoots for charity. Also, I visit Japanese Preschools to give children an opportunity to wear Yukata (Summer Kimono) or Hichi-Go-San Kimono dresses outside of Japan and understand the Japanese culture.


In 2014, I joined the San Diego kimono club and started to teach how to dress kimonos and organize Fashion show and kimono dressing demonstration. I enjoy wearing kimono and going out to eat with kimono members.


The reason I started kimono rental is because many my mother 's  kimono is sleeping in the drawer so I managed to get the kimono out and have  people to wear them.  Also I would like to give opportunity to have good memorial  photos in beautiful kimono like children's shichi-go-san, coming of age and Graduation.